May 13, 2004

Must Reads

Don't miss these posts in other blogs:

 NewsDesigner on how the Dallas Morning News handled the Nick Berg decapitation photos -- none in the news section, but the severed head on the editorial page.

 Jeff Jarvis on the Berg photos: "I've been holding an internal debate on the use of photos in all the cases the Dallas editorial cites: the old, print editor in me is fighting with the new, transparent blogger in me. The blogger is winning. It's important for us to know what is happening in Iraq."

 Leonard Witt pointing to a Jay Rosen interview on Minnesota Public Radio in which he says bloggers who are credentialed for the Democratic convention should report as citizens and not try to replicate professional journalists. Jarvis adds: "Do not cover anything we can see on TV: not a single speech."

 Witt (again) on classism and racial diversity in newspapers.

 Dan Gillmor reporting that Larry Kramer, head of CBS Marketwatch, says Google News is not journalism.

Posted by Tim Porter at May 13, 2004 10:35 AM

Hi Tim:

Thanks for the mentions. Related to Jeff Jarvis above I just did a post on Jimmy Breslin declaring the death of newspapers as we know them. The Internet will dictate what people see and what they do not. Click on my name below to get to Breslin's column. It plays into what you were saying earlier about digital photography.

Posted by: Leonard Witt on May 13, 2004 01:41 PM
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