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On the Job: Canceled

Golden Gate Sunset, from Belvedere

Nice view, huh? Would you pay more than $40 million for it?

This is sunset just the other night from the terrace of an unfinished 15,000-square-foot home in Belvedere — with “unfinished” being the key term here.

I was there to capture the view — which extends from Mt. Tam to the Bay Bridge and encompasses what you see here, the Golden Gate, the Marin Headlands and Sausalito — from this house for a magazine story about a fundraising event that was going to be held there in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, the house won’t be ready in time, the event was postponed and you’re now reading the only page that will probably ever contain this picture. (Come back, though. I got so many good ones that night that there will be more to come.)

By the way, this property — at 425 Belvedere Ave. — has a disputed past and is one of two gargantuan home projects that, until recently, had sat partially finished for two decades. Here’s the story.

When this house is complete, the reported asking price will be $45 million.

(This picture could hang on your wall. Buy it here.)

10 Things: Music

Cheap Therapy, the rock and roll band

Some things I’ve learned about music:

1. Nothing fills my empty spaces better than really loud rock and roll.

2. You know that thing about eating chilies on a hot day to cool you off? The same goes for sad music and depression. The blues beats down the blues every time.

3. Music surprises me more than most people do.

4. I like AC/DC and Puccini – but not together.

5. The enormous amount of amazing musical talent in the world has convinced me that I have none.

6. I play the guitar (badly) despite the above.

7. Music is better than therapy or booze – costs less and there’s no hangover.

8. Dancing is absolutely necessary.

9. A live band beats an iPod.

10. Without music, I’d have to listen to myself think all the time – and thank heavens I don’t.

Photo Notes: Above is Ben Kline, playing trombone the other night at the Presidio Yacht Club with Cheap Therapy, a Marin-Sonoma rock band. Below are a few more shots from the show, made at with Nikon D3s, ISO 12,800 and 50mm 1.4.


10 Things: New York in Winter

Upper West Side of New York seen from snowy Central Park

Lessons from a recent trip to Manhattan:

1. Martinis taste better in a crowd.

2. False alarms come in twos.

3. Digging through the closet in California for the winter clothes, including the heavy wool pea coat I’d bought in a vintage shop on Haight Street but never had the chance to use, is more fun than actually wearing them in New York.

4. When it’s 20 and the wind chill is minus God-knows-what, the weather wimp in me wins.

5. Slush sucks.

6. There’s a lot of yellow snow in Central Park.

7. It’s easier to find a table in a coffee shop on the Lower East Side than on the Upper West Side. Discuss.

8. I still love the subway.

9. New York friends make me feel more alive.

10. The best protection against frostbite is a return ticket to San Francisco.

Central Park in New York in the snow