December 04, 2004

For the Record ...

I have been so busy lately that not only have I not been posting, but I have been entertaining the radical thought that maybe I should get a "job" so I could work less. Laments aside, here are a few things missed recently:

 Don't Pander to Teens: Susan Mernit points to this Editor and Publisher piece by Lee Kravitz of Parade Magazine about how to connect with younger readers. Among his good advice: Respect their far-from-monolithic culture; celebrate good kids and their achievements but not too much, and not exclusively; truly give voice to young people; don't fear controversy.

 Pegasus News: A new company trying to make a business out of hyper-local news, starting with a beta in Dallas.

 Journalism 2.0: This, as defined by Pegasus, is a way of doing journalism that embraces "a conversational method of reporting that engages the end user in the process, as opposed to the traditional monologue." Jay Rosens refers to it in his commentary on Mark Glaser's guest piece on Pressthink, "The Media Company I Want to Work For."

 Some Great, Traditional Reporting: San Francisco Chronicle reporters took readerrs inside the Major League Baseball steriod-use investigation with the inside dope on the grand jury testimony of sluggers Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds. The stories by reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada show these guys up for the meathead millionaires they really are. Watch now as the court and lawyers go after the reporters for their sources. Earlier stories triggered pressure for disclosure from prosecutors.

 Media Law: Robert J. Ambrogi, a lawyer and a journalist from Massachusetts has started this blog dedicated to freedom of the press.

Posted by Tim Porter at December 4, 2004 07:23 AM

Tim: "Journalism 2.0" is the slogan developed by Pegasus News. I merely quoted it. Click on your link and you will see it on the front page of the Daily Peg.

Posted by: Jay Rosen on December 4, 2004 10:24 AM
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