July 30, 2004

Act Like a Winner, Be a Winner

The Editors Weblog lists ten traits of papers whose circulation has increased:

1) Take the long view in terms of business success.
2) Have a clear definition of your audience - its needs, interests and aspirations.
3) Take the best stories to market before competitors.
4) Gain circulation today, worry about profit tomorrow.
5) Work with other circulation winners to integrate strategies.
6) Treat readers as customers and give them what they want.
7) Hire young journalists to imbue your paper with fresh blood.
8) Target all age groups, particularly older readers.
9) Target women readers.
10) Watch out for "moments of truth" when you have the opportunity to do something different, radical or risky ... and take the chance!

Do notice the similarities with some of the Readership Institute's findings I wrote about below? Think different, think about readers, know the community -- and encourage risk.

Posted by Tim Porter at July 30, 2004 09:29 AM