July 29, 2004

Growing Your Own: Training from Within

In my latest column for Tomorrow's Workforce, I look at how newspapers as resource rich as the Portland Oregonian and as small as the Gaston (N.C.) Gazette draw on their own talents to help their staffs improve as journalists.

John Pea, editor of the 32,000-circulation Gazette, destroys the myth that small papers don't have time or resources to train. He put together 40 hours of training for his editors using off-the-shelf materials and his own background. (Get a copy here.)

Says Pea on how he did it: “First, just decide you’ve got to do it and that you can’t use the excuse of no time or no expertise. I just pulled together various resources to get me the expertise. It’s more commitment of time than anything else.”

Read the whole column here.

Posted by Tim Porter at July 29, 2004 08:08 AM