February 18, 2004

Digital Journalism

I just get finished arguing that journalists should blog (see below) and I stumble across Chris "Back to Iraq" Albritton's blog about the digital journalism class he is teaching at NYU.

Not only does NYU think journalists should blog, it is teaching them how to.

Albritton is assigning his student to review and discuss various types of blogs as well as study Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo as a template for how to combine reporting and opinion.

Albritton says of Marshall: "He blogs his opinions, thoughts and speculations. That's fine. Just back up your final feature with hard reporting, and you'll be able to offer opinion and informed speculation more confidently."

I'm not sure I'm like the idea of combining speculation, informed or otherwise, with reporting, but I'm pleased to see NYU -- who journalism program is run by Jay Rosen -- to think beyond traditional formats.

(Thanks to Radio Free Blogistan for the tip.)

Posted by Tim Porter at February 18, 2004 07:35 AM