December 16, 2003

Kurtz Moves Beyond the Paper

Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz says he plans to update his column during the day "as media and political developments warrant."

"You'll still get your daily dose in the morning (though the time may vary a bit), and then we'll stack some new material on top of that (which you can whiz by if it doesn't grab you)," he says.

Sounds like a blog. Sounds like another "newspaper" journalist breaking free of the print platform.

(Thanks to Rantingprofs for the tip.)

Posted by Tim Porter at December 16, 2003 07:22 AM

Just a thought: is there anything on earth Howie would opine that couldn't keep till the next morning's paper comes out? (I'm guessing he lost this very argument w/his editor).

Posted by: tom on December 16, 2003 01:25 PM
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