October 02, 2003

Dismantling the Language Barrier

My latest piece is out in American Journalism Review - about the increasing entry by mainstream newspaper companies into Spanish-language publishing. In the last few months, new Spanish-language dailies have launched in Dallas, Fort Worth and Chicago. Here's how it begins:

"My friend." When Louis Sito, publisher and editor of Hoy, a splashy, Spanish-language tabloid published by Newsday in New York City, has a point to make, which is most of the time, he rarely utters a sentence without those words.

"Let me tell you, my friend." "The fact is, my friend." "The world is changing, my friend."

Sito uses the phrase like a glove to soften the way he punches through a conversation. He speaks rapidly, passionately and, if not interrupted by a question, at length about Hoy, about the Hispanic community, about the need for newspapers to rediscover creativity, about the rising tide of Spanish-language publishing that is spilling across the American newspaper landscape. [ More ]

And here's what I said the other day about newspapers morphing from mass to class.

 American Journalism Review Dismantling the Language Barrier

Posted by Tim Porter at October 2, 2003 07:28 AM