September 17, 2003

New Blog: PressThink

NYU J-school professor and media critic Jay Rosen has a new blog - PressThink - up and running. Among his latest posts is an interview with Columbia J-school's Todd Gitlin about Attorney General John Ashcroft's refusal to take questions from print journalists. Despite the academically incestuous nature of the interview, it's worth reading. A sample:

"PressThink: But what does John Ashcroft know about the American press that perhaps the press does not know about itself?

"Todd Gitlin: He knows that TV reporters can be relied upon not to show solidarity with their repelled print colleagues. Just as reporters at Bush's last press conference refused to bridle when he acknowledged-take that, minions!-that he was calling on them from a script, he knows that the press corps is no corps at all, but a band of competitors (emphasis added) more committed to seeking advantage over rivals than protecting the public's right to know."

Posted by Tim Porter at September 17, 2003 10:26 AM

This is very interesting. Have bookmarked Rosen's new blog. (Send it to you have her e-mail?)

Posted by: d rabin on September 17, 2003 11:30 AM

Great Link, indeed

PS:Story of note
Stop the presses! Dean blows up big, thanks to the Internet! Itís a great story, but can Web-based fund-raising really predict the mass market?
In 1970, George Mcgovern, the way-long-shot antiwar candidate, began to experiment with the novel political fund-raising technique of direct mail to finance his unlikely primary race.
This political marketing strategy, according to an article that appeared in New York in September 1972, was the brainchild of Morris Dees, who would become among the most prominent southern liberal activists but who was then the head of a publishing company that sold special-interest books through the mail.
· Fund Raising [NYorker]

Posted by: Jozef on September 19, 2003 07:30 PM
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