August 21, 2003

Pumping Arnold

If a news story could talk, the L.A. Times' report on the press covering Arnold Schwarzenegger's first big news conference would be meowing - it's that catty.

A few highlights:

 "Soon, the media had descended on Barbara Gasser, a reporter for Kleine Zeitung, the newspaper from Schwarzenegger's home province of Styria, Austria. Some in the press corps disapproved. 'Reporters interviewing other reporters. Give me a break!' hissed one."

 The reporter for Ironman magazine "planned to track the 'inside' details on the candidate, right down to his diet on the campaign trail. she hoped to meet the other candidates to assess their credentials as well. 'I might,' she concluded with a grin, 'want to take a tape measurer to that Cruz Bustamante's stomach.'"

 "The candidate responded by pivoting toward a reporter from 'Entertainment Tonight.' What role, she wanted to know, would actor Rob Lowe play in the campaign? As the other reporters moaned and hissed, Schwarzenegger began his response: 'It's interesting,' he said, 'and a very good question.'"

Go read.

Posted by Tim Porter at August 21, 2003 07:29 AM