July 21, 2003

Newspaper's Ed Page Writers Launch Blog

When the editorial page writers of the Dallas Morning News have something to say they don't need to wait for the next edition of the newspaper or a convening of the editorial board to say it. They use their new Edblog.

The Morning News began the Movable Type-powered blog with the intent to "allow board members to share their evolving thoughts on a variety of issues, and to allow readers a window into our opinion-development process."

John Granatino, who manages the DMN's web operations, said in an email to an online news list, that he's "not aware of any similar newspaper-sponsored project."

Thus far, the editorial board members - whose names are posted but unfortunately not their bios -- have opined on Tony Blair's problems, Texas redistricting, the nature of Islam and the movie Winged Migration.

Many newspapers invite the public into editorial or news meetings in an effort to make the paper's decision-making process more transparent, but access is limited by the number of seats in the room. In a way, the Dallas blog does the opposite - it takes the decision-making out of the room and into the public using a vehicle (the Internet) with unlimited seating.

Smart move. I'll expect other papers will follow suit.

 Dallas Morning News EdBlog

Posted by Tim Porter at July 21, 2003 08:57 AM

Yo, Tim: You have a funky link to edblog. You link to the CSS file (and it opened up Dreamweaver on my machine). Methinks you want a different file. j

Posted by: Jeff Jarvis on July 21, 2003 10:40 AM

I gather that emedia tips also had a faulty link...

BTW, Down Under (Australia) a great social experimet is being conducted with ethics and trust as the engines behind the Webdiary...


Posted by: Jozef Imrich on July 23, 2003 03:31 AM
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