January 28, 2003

Missed Connections

Dan Gillmor reports in from the Newspaper Association of America's new media conference, Connections, where he says the "talk is more about revenue than journalism," which shouldn't be surprising given the convention's logo (left).

Gillmor is at Connections to speak on a panel about blogs. He points out that the cumbersome subtitle and description of the panel -- ("Blogs: Rebuilding Community or Chat Overblown?") and ("How to use Weblogs to drive a younger audience and increase your site dwell time without getting caught up in the 'fad'. (And, is there money in it?)") - indicates that the newspaper industry "needs a bit of educating."

Finally, Gillmor wants to blog live from the convention, but he can't - Connections doesn't have a wireless connection.

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Posted by Tim Porter at January 28, 2003 09:50 AM