January 16, 2003

Blogging the Times

My eyes are fried and my fingers battered from transcribing tapes all day (imagine having to take time off from blogging to actually write for money) so I'm resorting to a link list devoted to the New York Times' profile of the InstaPundit himself, Glenn Reynolds.

Hedded "With Incessant Postings, a Pundit Stirs the Pot," the Times' story credits Reynolds' "omnivorous curiosity" with satisfying the hunger of 50,000 daily readers.

This has been a good week for Reynolds. On Wednesday, he took one foot out the blogosphere and planted it in the more traditional, yet clearly welcoming world of MSNBC with the launch of GlennReynolds.com.

What lessons can old media learn from Reynolds' success? Is it his medium? His message? In this case, it's both.

Here's a selection of blog comment on the Times' story and other InstaPunditia:

 Rhetorica: "I'm not going to get into my opinion of InstaPundit."
 Mark A. Kleinman: "I'm offering a $5 to the first person who spots anything resembling an apology or retraction from any of the right-bloggers who published warnings about the coming Times "hit job" on Reynolds."
 cut on the bias: "They even found someone - Martin Wisse - who fussed about him."
 The Volokh Conspiracy: "Objective journalists we ain't."
 Talking Points Memo: "The site is universal: it's about anything and everything."
 PBS: "With blogs 'the First Amendment is finally living up to its promise on the Internet.' "
 BuzzMachine: "I was honored to be in the right place at the right time at the genesis of this."
 Reaon magazine: "At the risk of shameless ass-kissing: Reynolds is particularly interesting as a media phenom in an age of cultural proliferation."
 Jeff Wolfe: List of InstaPundit inspired blogs.

Posted by Tim Porter at January 16, 2003 05:06 PM