January 11, 2003

Five (5) Good Reads

Tired of reading junk. Try these stories:

With Stitches and Concerns, Base Town Prepares for War
HINESVILLE, Ga., Jan. 10 - The needles are flying, the sewing machines are chugging and the uniforms are piling up. In heaps. [ more ]
- Jeffrey Gettleman, New York Times

See No Evil
During production of the 1997 movie "Mimic," American Humane Assn. representatives wandered through the Los Angeles set, ensuring that a herd of cockroaches was well taken care of. Licensed animal handlers were to follow state and federal anti-cruelty laws designed to protect the insects, which had been trained to swirl around actress Mira Sorvino's feet. The roaches had to be fed at a certain time. They could only work a few hours each day. They could not be harmed.

At the same time, in studios in the San Fernando Valley, scores of other actors and actresses were working on movies. They put in long hours, commonly without meal breaks. They often worked without clean toilets, toilet paper, soap or water. More importantly, they were exposed to a host of infectious, and sometimes fatal, diseases. [ more, including a good example of using multimedia to enhance the print story ]
- P.J. Huffstutter, Los Angeles Times

To Guests' Chagrin, Hosts Try Stocking-Feet Fetes
Nice to see you -- now give us your shoes. In the latest battle of wills between hosts and guests, some homeowners are confiscating visitors' footwear at the door. [ more ]
- Lauren Lipton, Wall Street Journal

Cops say greedy groom scammed another wife
Convicted of swindling several of his eight wives, exposed as larcenous lothario, Clifford Garrison was jailed in one state and wanted in another. But he just could not stop himself -- he had to go for wife No. 9. [ more ]
- Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle

Home theater
NEW YORK - The Rev. Ed Schmidt's voice cracks like incoming thunder as he preaches from his pulpit at the Church of Universal Life. [ more ]
- Ashley Chapman, Christian Science Monitor

Posted by Tim Porter at January 11, 2003 01:01 PM