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Seismic Shift
Senior analyst Mark Verbeck reports after the recent JavaOne conference in San Francisco that the Java 2 Enterprise Edition has all the earmarks of an industry standard.
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Bandwidth Drivers
Communication Services Models Now "Lighter"
In his newsletter, "Bandwidth Drivers," analyst Mark Langner looks at the evolution of businesses offering outsourced solutions.
Bandwidth Drivers Archives
Back to the Future?
Epoch's Vendor Matrix:
The Telecom Connection

Vendor Matrix
Our analysts track contract developments between more than 50 companies to gauge the impact of communications events on equipment vendors and service providers.
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Metro Optical Networking
This is the next wave of communications-service innovation. Our report on these data service providers examines the sector's opportunities and risks.
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Internet Euphorius:
A Rare Species Indeed

Bill GurleyBenchmark Capital general partner Bill Gurley spoke at Epoch Partners' New Era Private Company Conference about our emergence from dot-com mania and the end of Internet Euphorius.
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Forging Alliances:
Allegis Interview
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Sigma: Backbone's Connected to the . . .
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Epoch MultiMedia Center
Special video reports give you board-room access to CEOs, venture capitalists and Epoch's own analysts.

On Deadline
TheStreet.com's formula was built on the principle of action-oriented information -- "news you can trade." The formula is perfect for the "twitch generation" of traders and investors who came to the markets in the late 1990s.
-- Don Luskin
CEO of MetaMarkets.com
JDS Uniphase Lowers Forecasts
Mirroring Nortel's woes in carrier spending and overall economic weakness, JDS announced an inventory write-down and cut estimates. We still think it's a long-run winner.

COO Departs JDS Uniphase: Latest management departure underscores rocky times.

UTStarcom Popularity Grows in China
More than 1.5 million have subscribed to UTStarcom's wireless access system in China -- a 50% leap over last quarter. We recommend aggressive buying of UTSI shares around $19.

Juniper Gets Pinched: Slashes forward estimates and plans to take a $45 million charge.
HAND Not Clapping: Handspring slashes revenue estimates. We see no relief in sight.

icon Loudcloud Adapts
Loudcloud met our 1Q expectations, cut guidance, and outlined saving measures. We think it will outlast the tough environment and continue to meet the market's changing needs.

Finisar 4Q -- Nearing Bottom: Lowered guidance and took a write-down.

Oracle: Pocket Aces
f the relational database market were a Wild West settlement, Oracle would be a land baron, proprietor of the general store and maybe even the town card shark.

Latest Analyst Notes
Oracle 4Q: Applications Cast a Shadow
Oracle CEO Speaks at JavaOne

Full Company Report Company Model (PDF)

AT&T Wireless Leaves the Nest
AT&T Wireless is moving out of Ma Bell's house and striking out on its own. We see long-term upside in AWE stock but near-term volatility -- which could present multiple opportunites for investors.

Research In Motion: The Real-Time Push
Research In Motion's handheld devices -- long a businessman's best friend -- are about to burst into the mainstream bringing wireless messaging to the masses and at current prices, we recommend buying RIMM shares.
Hear Analyst Matthew Adams' overview of RIM

Global Crossing: Lacing the World with Light
Global Crossing is on the verge of completing its planet-spanning high-speed data network and is wooing Global 1000 customers with its suite of services. We think GX shares are underpriced at current levels.
Hear Analyst Mark Langner's overview of GX

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