Epoch New Era Conference: Investors, analysts and bankers gather for an exchange of ideas on technology. Speeches by Equinix CEO Peter Van Camp, David Pottruck, Ray Lane, and others.
Company Profiles: Snapshots of the 40 companies featured at the New Era Conference and slide-show presentations from management.
Venture Market East: Epoch CEO Scott Ryles talks with Red Herring founder Tony Perkins.
The Standard 100 Index: Scott Ryles and Industry Standard Executive Editor Eric Savitz discuss the index.

Whiteboard Session: Equinix CTO Jay Adelson explains his company's business.
In Conversation: Akamai CEO George Conrades
Comm. Equipment
Metro-OptiX: Dishes up a combo platter for bandwidth management.
Luminous: Illuminating Carrier Networks
Mobileum: Future-Proofing Wireless
In Sync: Interview with fusionOne CEO
Forging Business Alliances: Allegis Interview: Epoch Senior Analyst Mark Verbeck
Software Industry Overview: Epoch Senior Analyst Mark Verbeck

Bill Gurley
New Era Conference
Benchmark Capital general partner Bill Gurley spoke at Epoch Partners New Era Private Company Conference about our emergence from dot-com mania and the end of Internet Euphorius. He maintains that we are in the knowledge age, and that leading-edge companies are leading-edge users of technology.
(03/08/01, 20 mins)
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Scott Ryles

Epoch Partners President and CEO paints an overview of the new era of investment banking -- one populated by 12 million individuals with $1.1 trillion to invest and in which information drives capital, not the reverse.
(03/08/01, 17 mins)
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Peter Van Camp

Equinix's CEO discusses his IPO and offers advice for private companies on braving today's public markets. He believes that companies should go public when they are strong and have a long-term view supporting that strength.
(03/08/01, 22 mins)
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Larry Sonsini

The Chairman and CEO of Silicon Valley's best-known law firm remains bullish on technology and believes the market's transition has created new pressures -- and new opportunities.
(03/08/01, 15 mins)
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Forging Business Alliances: Allegis Interview
Dennis Ryan, President and CEO of software solutions provider Allegis, discusses the company's B2B products and services.
(03/08/01, 6 mins)

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Sigma Networks: The Backbone's Connected to the . . .
John Peters, CEO of Sigma Networks, tells senior analyst Mark Langner about his company's approach to interconnecting service providers with network backbones and data centers.
(03/08/01, 7 mins)

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Loudcloud: Henry Ford Would Have Loved It
Senior analyst Mark Langner discusses Loudcloud's business. He calls the new Marc Andreessen start-up the "power grid" for e-businesses.
(04/03/01, 7 mins)

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Freeing Physicians' Hands: iScribe Interview
Epoch analyst Matt Adams and David Levison, president and CEO of iScribe, discuss the iScribe model for giving all 600,000 U.S. physicians access to wireless data.
(04/05/01, 8 mins)

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