Wall Street Journal: Web Investors Get More IPOs
Reports on the growing demand by individual investors and how Epoch and other financial institutions are addressing that demand. [more]

eCompany Now: Power to the Bulge-Bracket Retail Investor!
A profile of Epoch Partners focusing on our goal of opening up the IPO market. [more]

Buyside: Entering a New Epoch
"One of Epoch's innovations is that it has done away with the traditional rating system." [more]

Fortune: To Hell with the Investing Pros
Stewart Alsop comments on Epoch and the emerging importance of individual investors. [more]

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Epoch offers three easy ways to locate our in-depth research. Read our guide to Epoch.com. [more]
The Epoch Story
Epoch Partners is a technology-enabled investment bank focused on high-growth companies and electronically connected institutional and individual investors. Epoch has assembled a team of experienced investment banking, research, trading and technology professionals to build the next generation investment bank. [more]

Epoch CEO Scott Ryles
CEO and President Scott Ryles founded Epoch Partners in November 1999. He discusses our business in this video slideshow. [more]

Our exclusive distribution agreement with Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and TD Waterhouse gives us access to more than 10 million investors with a total of more than $1 trillion of investable assets. [more]
Venture Capital
We have the backing of Benchmark Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, and Trident Capital. [more]
Reuters Invests in Epoch Partners
Reuters Venture Capital calls Epoch the "leading, next generation, investment bank." [more]

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